Clean and pure water is required for farming and promoting the health and production of livestock and poultry. The water is treated with different chemicals to ensure its cleanliness and quality before agricultural uses. The ECON INTEGRATOR series pumps from Stenner are used to treat water used for farm applications. These pumps do not require any additional water meter and are offered in 24VDC for non-standard applications. We provide different models of ECON INTEGRATOR series pumps from Stenner. All the pumps displayed on this page are available for immediate shipment and offered at competitive prices.

Features of Stenner ECON INTEGRATORS

ECON INTEGRATOR meter systems are popular water treatment pumps in our inventory. These pumps have set high standards for metering and are preferred for their following features.

  • The pumps are offered with a quick-release pump head.
  • The quick-release mechanism is patented and allows the replacement of tubes without tools.
  • Stenner ECON INTEGRATORS feature a compact design and solid one-piece construction.
  • The compact design makes it suited for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The INTEGRATOR features seconds operational mode, which can be accurately adjusted to dose a fixed amount of chemical per water volume.
  • A built-in repeater relay in the pump provides dry contact output signal. This signal is same as the signal received by the pump.
  • This relay feature works better even for applications where multiple pumps are used. It can be activated by a dry contact pulse water meter.


The INTEGRATOR has several wires and the second wire is connected to the water meter. The two leads are connected to the house controller. The pump is plugged into the receptacle, and an injection point is installed in the pipe. The pump features standby and safety lockout modes.  In standby mode, the pump remains inactive; however, the relay will continue to register the water consumption to the pump’s controller when it is powered. In standby mode, the tube replacement can be easily performed. The pump head can be removed without disconnecting the lead wires or the power. The pump can be adjusted from 10% to 100% in increments of 1%. This adjustment can be made using a digital keypad with a LCD screen that is backlit.

Application of Stenner ECON INTEGRATOR Pumps

Stenner ECON INTEGRATOR injection pumps from our selection are widely used for injecting various types of chemicals across industries. These pumps have been used for the following applications for several years now.

  • pH adjustment, water and water line disinfection
  • Injecting polyphosphate solutions for corrosion and scaling control on plumbing fixtures
  • Oxidation of manganese, iron, or hydrogen sulfide
  • Injecting supplements and nutrients in water lines

Cannon Water Technology has been at the forefront of water and wastewater treatment technology for several years. We have worked closely with clients all these years to understand their water treatment challenges. This has helped us build some of the best water treatment solutions. Additionally, we have partnered with some of the leading water treatment product brands in the market. This has made us the most preferred destination for water treatment and wastewater treatment solutions in the US. If you have any queries or doubts about Stenner ECON INTEGRATOR pumps, please feel free to contact our team today. Our experts can happily answer your questions and guide you to the right selection.