ECON LD Series

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  • Stenner ECON LD Series,80 PSI, E10LH


    Stenner ECON LD Series,80 PSI, E10LH

    $312.78 - $414.81
    Manually adjustable flow rate output Enclosed housing Self-priming, does not lose prime or vapor lock Pumps off-gassing solutions and can run dry 3-point roller design assists with anti-siphon Tube replacement without tools Output reproducibility Tube...
    $312.78 - $414.81

Peristaltic pumps are positive displacement pumps which are used for transferring fluids of various consistencies depending on the pressure required. Out of these, some are specifically designed for low volume applications, which means dosing is required in low volumes and at specific intervals. At Cannon Water Technology, we source these pumps from reputed manufacturers such as Stenner. We offer a variety of models of the Stenner ECON LD series pumps for low volume applications. These are designed for precise and reliable low volume dosing. We offer customization for these Stenner Econ LD series low volume pumps in terms of the output or the amount of pressure, frequency, voltage, pump tube, and suction and discharge tubing to suit your exact specifications. While we offer assistance in terms of operations, you can also refer to the Stenner pump ECON LD manual, before using the pump.

Beneficial Features of Stenner ECON LD Series Pump

Here are some of the beneficial features of the ECON LD series pump. Here are some of them.

  • The dosing output ranges from 0.04 to 50.7 ounces per hour, with pressures up to 80 psi. The pump is available in 24VDC for installations in case of non-availability of standard voltage.
  • It has a noiseless and brushless motor housed in a robust enclosure.
  • The pump has a patented quick release pump head which enables the removal of tube without any tools.
  • You can pump out abrasive chemicals through this pump as the fluid does not come in contact with the moving parts of the pump.
  • While the functioning of these pumps can be automated, you can adjust the flow rate manually as well.
  • These are self-priming pumps which keep the inside vapor locked.
  • They can prim on their own up to 25 feet without the need for a foot valve.
  • They pump out off-gassing solutions and can withstand dry runs.
  • The 3-point roller design prevents siphoning.
  • This pump type is low on maintenance as it requires no tube lubrication and there are no valves required in the pump head.
  • The pump can be attached to the wall or mounted with accessories.


As mentioned this pump is ideal for harsh chemicals, abrasive solutions, and so on, and especially for low volume applications. Here are some application areas of the Stenner ECON LD pumps:

  • Dosing of anti-scalants for RO systems
  • Dosing of flocculants in swimming pools and spas
  • Coagulants
  • Sanitizers
  • Reagent dosing in industrial wastewater units

At Cannon Water Technology, we stock all the relevant pump accessories and offer them as required. The ECON LD series pumps and related parts are stocked in our inventory and can be immediately shipped if required. If you have any doubts regarding our the Stenner ECON LD pumps, our technical team is there to help you. In case you need to share your requirements or make an enquiry, you can reach us via phone or email.