ECON TD Electric-Powered Series

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  • Stenner ECON TD Electric-Powered Series, E20T


    Stenner ECON TD Electric-Powered Series, E20T

    $281.20 - $377.94
    Solution is not in contact with moving parts. Pump head requires no valves, allows for easy maintenance. Self-priming against maximum working pressure, foot valve not required. Pump does not lose prime or vapor lock. Pumps off-gassing solutions and can...
    $281.20 - $377.94

Electric pumps or powered pumps are subsurface centrifugal pumps with a powered electric motor that makes these pumps electrically operative. These pumps are predominantly used in oil production and help lift oils and other fluids via artificial methods. Econ TD Electric-Powered pump is among the best series of electrical pumps offered by Cannon Water. We at Cannon Water provide different types of industrial and other commercial pumps. The pumps that we offer are sourced from the top reputed manufacturers like Stenner and so on. Stenner Econ TD Electric-Powered pump is a battery-powered or electrical pump that reduces overall efforts.

Beneficial Features of Stenner ECON TD Electric-Powered Series Pump

ECON TD electric-powered series pumps are high-quality battery-powered pumps with multiple features. Stenner pumps are widely preferred over other competitive brands due to the following benefits they offer:

  • The Econ TD in these pumps is designed for five psi or less timed applications.
  • The model incorporates an LCD display with a cover shield and enclosed housing for indoor and outdoor applications. The control panel with the LCD display contains a program lock with 24 hours format.
  • Its minimum time is 1 minute, exceeding up to a maximum of 23 hours and 59 minutes within each programmed event.
  • The display indicator of these pumps represents the days of the week, operating mode, and events.
  • The electric-powered pump contains a battery backup to maintain the internal and programmed settings.
  • The panel displays the current day, time, and mode of operation during operation.
  • Due to the electric power supply, these pumps do not depend on any manual operations.
  • The output volume of these pumps is not affected by the backpressure.
  • The pump does not require foot valves and head valves. It offers self-priming against maximum work pressure.
  • The fluid in the pumps does not come in contact with the moving parts.
  • The pump does not lose its prime or vapor lock while performing. These pumps are easy to maintain and can be installed in a few simple steps.

How Do ECON TD Electric-powered Pumps Work? 

The pumps feature 24 independents on and off events for a seven-day period. These events can be programmed for a 1-minute minimum and 23 hours 59 minutes maximum, with a specific OFF and ON time in increments of minute and hour. There is a control panel with an LCD display, which shows the operating mode, days of the week, and the event. The event settings are stored in the internal battery. The panel displays the current mode of operation, time, and current date.

Applications of Stenner ECON TD Electric-Powered Series Pump

ECON TD electric-powered series pumps are highly suitable for the applications given below:

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Electric-Powered Pumps

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our Electric Powered Pumps answered by our experts:

1. How much is the weight of these pumps?

The weight of these pumps is 400 LBS.

2. Do these pumps require foot valves?

No, these pumps do not require foot valves.

3. Do these pumps lose prime during application?

No. Our electric-powered pumps do not lose their prime or vapor lock during the application.

4. Can these pumps perform self-priming?

Yes. These pumps perform self-priming against maximum working pressure.

5. Does the back pressure of these pumps affect the production volume?

No. The output volume is not affected by the back pressure.

At Cannon Water Technology, we believe that quality should be the topmost priority. Keeping that in mind, we ensure to offer the best products to all our customers. If you come up with any queries regarding these electric-powered pumps, please feel free to get in touch. You can reach out to us via call or email. Our customer support team is always here to help you and guide you in choosing the best product for your applications.