Proportional injection systems are one of the most advanced and on-demand chemical injection systems in the world. Designed to provide the essential metering components in an all-inclusive package, the system aids in injecting precise amounts of chemicals and solutions that is proportional to the water system’s flow rated based on water volume. These units are used for a wide variety of applications, including firefighting, boiler water treatment, oil and gas extraction processes and many others.

At Cannon Water Technology, we offer performance-driven and long lasting Stenner proportional injection system that can be configured to work with almost any type of process line. They are the most advanced, efficient, and precise equipment used for injecting chemicals into a water supply. Our range of Stenner pumps proportional injection system can be installed quickly on both new and existing equipment and can be retrofitted to any plant that uses water treatment chemicals as well as fertilizers.

Features of Proportional Injection Systems by Stenner

Our Stenner proportional chemical injection systems are the best, most efficient and cost-effective way to apply chemicals. Proportional chemical injection systems allow agricultural sprayers and other liquid application equipment to accurately dose a wide range of chemicals. The following features of these systems make them popular with our clients.

  • The unit comes with pre-mounted components on a heavy-duty wall panel for quick installation.
  • The unit encompasses a classic series single head fixed output pump, PCM and a 3/4″ plastic, lead free, dry contact water meter.
  • The ¾″ water meter made of plastic is certified to ANSI/NSF 372 standards due to their low lead composition.
  • This water meter is provided in 1, 2, and 4 pulses per gallon.
  • The pump controller receives a signal from the water meter and it actuates the pump on receiving it.
  • There is a compartment built into the panel that helps hid the wires and cords for a brilliant aesthetic appearance.
  • It is available as a single or a dual with two pumps, and two PCMs.
  • The unit features a solid one-piece tube construction.
  • The PVC union connectors are included in the pump and they enable easy installation and service.
  • There is a spin down filter, a flow indicator, discharge line, and 3/4" white suction offered with most models.
  • The flow indicator is often plumbed into the discharge line and offers a brilliant visual reference of the solution being pumped.
  • Our Stenner pumps proportional injection systems are UL & cUL listed.

Applications of Stenner Proportional Injection System

The need for precise and accurate control over complex chemical and fertilizer metering has led to the development of proportional chemical injection systems. The major application of these systems is in the manufacturing and processing industries, where they are used to dispense precise amounts of various chemicals. The application areas of these systems are:

  • Food and beverage
  • Oil refining
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Poultry and livestock houses
  • Irrigation

Our high quality proportional chemical injection systems from Stenner is one of the finest in the industry. We have been offering these products to our clients as per their requirements at the best prices. All the models listed here are known for their accurate working and long service life. Connect with the team at Cannon Water Technology to know more about Stenner proportional chemical injection systems and proportional fertilizer injector and other water treatment solutions available with us.