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SEKO Tekna Evo AKL 803 Series Diaphragm Metering Pump, 5.28 to 14.27 GPH, 14 to 72 PSI, Low Level Input

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Equivalent to European Model  AKL803NHH0000

The SEKO Tekna Evo AKL 803 Series line of chemical metering pumps have been designed for maximum chemical resistance and unmatched performance. SEKO standardized all of there pumps to include PVDF (Kynar) wet ends with solid pure TFE (Teflon) diaphragms and and FPM (Viton) seals. This material configuration covers more than 90% of the chemicals being pumped making this a simple choice for most companies. 

Control Features have not been overlooked on this model. Manual speed control is achieved via two frequency ranges that allow accurate adjustment from either 1-300 strokes per minute or 1-60 Strokes per minute full scale on the dial indicator. There is also a low level stop input to cut off pump should chemical level run out. Simply connect our drum low level switch to this pumps input terminal. 



  • 72 PSI = 5.28 GPH
  • 58 PSI = 6.6 GPH
  • 29 PSI = 10.03 GPH
  • 14 PSI = 14.27 GPH


  • Low level cutoff terminal for optional level switch


  • 1-300 SPM
  • 1-60 SPM in /5 mode


  • Standard 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz Universal Power Supply (Optional cords available upon request)
  • Optional 24-48 VAC/VDC Call for availability and price 

Materials of construction:

  • Head = PVDF
  • Body = PVDF
  • Balls = Ceramic
  • Diaphragm = PTFE
  • Seals = FPM Standard, Optional EPDM on request
  • Tubing = 3/8" O.D HDPE, Natural
  • Injection Fitting = 1/2" NPT by 3/8" Tubing Compression, PVDF, FPM, S.S. Spring
  • Foot Valve = 3/8" Tubing Compression, PVDF, FPM, S.S. Spring

Optional Accessories: 

  • Multifunction Valve, available upon request, call for quote
  • Auto-degassing head, available upon request, call for quote

For more information on the SEKO line of chemical metering pumps please feel free to contact us anytime.

We are here to help you find the best solution for the application.

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