Stenner 85 Fixed, High Pressure Pump, 85MPHP

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Stenner Fixed Output Peristaltic Pump Works Well with Controllers

The Stenner Single Head Fixed Output injection pump is one of the varieties in the Classic Series identified by 45MF or 85MF in the item number prefix.

This peristaltic metering pump injects solutions at a fixed rate and can be utilized as a component for proportional dosing for drinking water disinfection for animal health or residential applications. It can also be installed with a controller for sanitizing a swimming pool. Great news for installers in the commercial pool industry, the Classic Series single head fixed pump has been tested by ETL to conform to the ANSI/NSF standard 50 when used with ANSI/NSF 50 listed controllers. Additional applications include pH control, oxidation, corrosion and scale control and more.

The pump is also a component of Stenner’s pre-assembled panel system the Proportional Injection System. The Proportional Injection System doses solution proportional to a water system’s flow rate based on the water volume. A water meter sends a signal to Stenner’s PCM  which actuates the fixed output pump. The system is suited for constant pressure (variable speed) well pumps, poultry and livestock houses, irrigation and systems with demand based backup wells and any application with varying flow rates.

If a pre-assembled system isn’t your preference, the pump, PCM and water meter are also available separately. Refer to the chemical resistance guide to determine the compatibility of the wetted components with the solution you want to pump or contact us.


  • Convert one model to another; not necessary to purchase a new pump. Simply install a #1, #2 or #7 Stenner Pump Tube to change the output of the pump. 
  • Tube replacement without tools with the patented QuickPro®  pump head.
  • The pump is built with two detachable components; the motor and the pump head that can be separated without tools.

How Stenner Peristaltic Pump Works

The output is not adjustable and is determined by the rpm of the motor gears and the size of the pump tube. The motor’s output shaft rotates at a fixed rpm which drives the roller assembly within the pump head. The Stenner Fixed Rate Pump is self priming and can be located up to 25 feet away from the chemical solution tank making installation much easier. Always locate the pump away from corrosive fumes like pool acid to ensure long life of the pump. 

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