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Vector FA-1000AL 5 Gallon By-pass Feeder with Legs and Flec Closure Style Cap, 200 PSI, 200 F

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Weight: 32.00 LBS
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Vector Industries FA-1000AL Chemical By-pass Feeder

The Vector FA-1000AL-TC chemical by-pass feeder is used to introduce chemicals into closed system recirculation loops used for water treatment applications like chill water recirculation loops, hot water circulating systems, cooling tower chemical feeders and water treatment systems alike. The purpose for this chemical feeder is make adding chemicals to a water treatment system easy. The Vector chemical shot feeders are constructed of the highest quality steel and are epoxy coated to ensure a very long life. This feeder has a Flec closure style cap allowing it to achieve a 200 PSI rating. 


  • Pressure: 200 PSI (20.7 BAR)
  • Temperature: 200 F (93 C)


  • Flec Closure Style Cap
  • Epoxy Coated
  • Adjustable Leg Set Included
  • Optional Filter Conversion Kit Available



                      fa-1000al-tc-drawing.jpg     fa-1000al-tc-top-view.jpg

Model Approx. Capacity A B C D Shipping Weight
FA-1000AL-TC 5 Gallons 13" 10" 19.5" 6" 32 Lbs






The Vector FA-1000AL chemical bypass feeders are designed for maximum operating specifications of 200 PSI (13.8 BAR), 200 F (93 C) 

When selecting pipe valves and fittings ensure that they meet the working pressure of the system being treated. 

Install chemical bypass feeder in accordance with one of the following configurations

  1. Across the suction and discharges sides of the a pump.
  2. Inline with horizontal or vertical piping with a valve or orifice to create differential pressure through the feeder.
  3. Direct feed to system using an external water source of sufficient pressure to to force chemicals into the system being treated being careful to ensure proper back-flow protection is being considered. 


Feeder loading:

Feeder chemicals like liquids, pucks, briquettes, granular or powdered chemicals - Close inlet and outlet valve and drain tank by opening bottom drain and air release petcock valve. After system is depressurized, open cap and fill with desired amount of chemical. Replace cap, close drain and begin filling tank by opening the inlet valve at bottom of feeder with air vent petcock valve open until feeder is topped off and all air has been purged from the tank. Close petcock valve and open outlet valve on feeder allowing chemical to flow into system.  


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