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CS402PD Closed System Nitrite Treatment

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CS402PD Closed System Nitrite Treatment

Ultra Concentrated Formulae ~ 1 gallon treats 200 gallons of water. 

Helps Prevent Corrosion in Closed Hot and Chill Water Systems

Product Description

  • Unique blend of Nitrite and Borax based corrosion control compounds for iron and steel metal protection. CS402PD contains a visible red dye..
  • Incorporates an organic azole compound resistant to oxidizing degradation for corrosion control of yellow metal compounds, copper and brass.
  • Has dedicated iron oxide dispersants to retard rust deposits plugging lines and creating under deposit corrosion cells.
  • Forms a resistant protective barrier film on metal surfaces that helps prevent oxygen from attacking metal surfaces.
  • pH buffered with a borax for long term pH stability.
  • Utilizes a polymeric dispersant to help reduce Calcium Hardness scale from forming on heat exchanger surfaces.
  • Compatible with Ethylene Glycol/Propylene Glycol/GreenFrost-100 anti-freeze chemicals.

CS402PD Application Rate and Control Parameters

  • CS402PD should be fed at a rate of 1 gallon per 200 gallons of water in the closed system.
  • Use Nitrite Test Kit P.N. CNTK3300-Zto test for CS402PD. The recommended test range is 800 - 1200 ppm as Sodium Nitrite.

Physical Properties: CS402PD




Light Red


Slight Aromatic





Specific Gravity:


Freeze Point:

Approximately 32° F

Freeze/Thaw Recovery:


Ship Class:

Corrosive Liquid, NOS





Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Nitrite PGII


 HMIS Code




Refer to the SDS for further health, safety and environmental information regarding this product. Information and recommendations in this bulletin are based on information believed to be reliable. However, the use of the product is beyond the control of Cannon Water Technology Inc. and no guarantee, expressed or implied, is made as to the effects of such the results to be obtained if not used in accordance with directions or established safe practice. The buyer must assume all responsibility, including injury or damage, resulting from misuse of the product as such, or in combination with other material.

Chill, Hot and Condenser Closed System Treatment: One Gallon Treats 200 gallons of water. Simple to test. Protects Iron, Steel, Brass and Copper. Contains a visible red dye.

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