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P/T Alkalinity Test Kit 1 drop = 10 or 50 ppm as CaCO3/25mL

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P/T Alkalinity Test Kit
1 drop = 10 or 50 ppm as CaCO3/25mL

Use our Alkalinity test kit to monitor your water treatment program. This test is highly accurate and easy to use. Each kit is color coded to with matching instructions and pictures. Each reagent dropper bottle has a calibrated tip to ensure a consistent test each time.

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Item # CNTK1023-Z

P/T Alkalinity Test Kit featuring EndPoint ID instructions
1 drop = 10 or 50 ppm as CaCO3/ 25mL

Refill Reagents
CNSA1555-B, Alkalinity Titrant Low, 60 mL
CNSA1595-B, Alkalinity Titrant High, 60 mL
CNPH1605-A, Phenolphthalein Indicator, 30 mL
CNAI6925-A, Total Alkalinity Indicator, 30 mL

EndPoint ID test kits are packaged in a durable plastic case and include all reagents, equipment and instruction card to complete approximately 60-75 tests. Color coded reagent caps match the color bar on the instruction card for easy identification when running multiple tests and our photographic, step-by-step instructions keep testing simple and help users easily identify color changes.

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