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Sodium Nitrite Test Kit (CAN) 1 drop = 50 ppm as NaNO2/5mL

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Sodium Nitrite Test Kit (CAN) 1 drop = 50 ppm as NaNO2/5mL

Use our sodium nitrite test kit to monitor your closed loop treatment program. This test is highly accurate and easy to use. Each kit is color coded to with matching instructions and pictures. Each reagent dropper bottle has a calibrated tip to ensure a consistent test each time.

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Sodium Nitrite Test Kit (CAN) 1 drop = 50 ppm as NaNO2/5mL
Typical applications include closed system corrosion protection using sodium nitrite as an oxygen scavenger chemical. Elimination of oxygen in water helps to protect the system from forming iron oxides AKA rust. Sodium Nitrite will adsorb oxygen molecules through oxidation of the sodium nitrite molecule becoming a sodium nitrate molecule. This oxidation process is also know as oxygen scavenging. Typical systems dosed with sodium nitrite will also contain other chemicals like tolyltriazole TTA along with dispersants and colorants like red dye. These blended treatments can be easily controlled using just the nitrite test kit. Control ranges are usually 800 to 1200 PPM of NaNO2 Sodium Nitrite. Cannon Water Technology supplies several versions of Nitrite based chemical treatment products seen here.
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