Flow Control Systems

Flow Control Systems

Flow control systems are used in a number of industrial processes which require measurement of fluids and flow rates. These flow control systems are designed to perform functions such as switch on/off flow, flow sensing, flow measurement and so on. These devices are used to control, monitor, or measure various aspects of fluid dynamics. These may be used as standalone devices or as part of integrated systems.

At Cannon Water Technology, we offer various types of flow control systems and devices such as flow sensors, flow switches, tank alarms, drum alarms, and more to avoid overflow, and more. All of these devices cater to various aspects of flow control, level measurement, and so on. Also, they are handy and easy to use, and are designed to withstand corrosive and harsh environments.

What is Fluid Control Mechanism?

This is a mechanism in fluid dynamics that controls, operates, and manages flow control of fluids of varied consistencies. This is done in industrial processes which involve the flow and transfer of a given fluid from one node to other one or multiple nodes. The fluid may be thin, viscous, semi-solid, particulate, slurry, or any other consistency. The fluid control system has an indicator that issues an alert regarding any issue such as overflow, leakage, and more. It also sends messages to the system once the receiving end receives the fluid.

Beneficial Features and Types of Flow Control Systems Offered at Cannon Water

There are several benefits of each flow control device we offer. Here are some of the types of flow control systems we offer, along with their benefits.

  • We offer flow control switches which help prevent dry run of motors. They are compact devices which can be easily connected to a pumping system. Once a preset flow cycle is completed, the switch trips on its own and the pumping system turns off. We offer several types and configurations of flow switches.
  • Our selection also features a flow sensor, which helps sense and control the flow of fluid. Some of the switches we offer act as water flow sensors, and hence can measure the speed of flowing liquid. The other types of sensors include flowmeters which are designed to handle high pressures and temperatures.
  • We offer a variety of liquid level controller devices. These include drum alarms and flow alarms among others. These are installed in tanks for fluid level control. A liquid level controlling device comprises a controller, measuring device, and a tank. These controllers monitor the level of fluid based on preprogrammed settings.
  • Made of sturdy plastic such as polypropylene, our drum alarms are designed for monitoring fluid level in drums by connecting them to a feed line and installing inside the drum. These devices are battery-controlled that can work for prolonged periods. They have a rugged design suitable for corrosive, moist, and overall harsh environments.
  • Our tank alarms come with light indicator and beeper sound which function in case of fluid overflow or dry run. They are battery powered and easy to install. They are weatherproof and comply to NEMA 4X construction standards. They come with Lithium batteries and AC adapters.


Here are some application areas of flow control systems:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Food & beverages
  • Chemicals
  • HVAC systems
  • Agriculture
  • Medical
  • Environmental
  • Water treatment and heating systems

Our flow control systems and devices work at various levels and are applicable in several industrial processes. At Cannon Water Technology, we have an excellent team that understands your requirements and helps you select the right device. While we manufacture our own devices, as source them from other reputed players as well, such as Flowline, Gizmo, and more. In case you are interested in any of our flow control systems and devices, you can reach us via phone or email. Also, we can offer you a quote once we analyze your requirements.