Liquid level control

Liquid level control

Liquid level control is a system used to control the fluid flow in fluid tanks. These devices are installed in upstream or downstream applications to keep a check on the fluid level. The primary purpose of the liquid level control system is to maintain an appropriate fluid level in large industrial tanks. Cannon Water Technology offers high-quality liquid level control systems for various industrial and commercial applications. We stock liquid level sensors from leading brands like Flowline, APG, Gizmo, and so on. These level controllers have been successfully used on various industrial processing equipment.

What is a Liquid Level Controller?

A liquid level controller is an electrical device that monitors the level of the liquid in a fluid tank. The system works by controlling the fluid levels as per the settings done by the operator. When the tank reaches a specific fluid level, it automatically refills the tank.

Components of a Liquid Level Controller

A liquid level controller is composed of crucial components that work together, promoting the system's advanced functioning. These important components are as follows:

  • Measurement System: This is a sensor that helps in sensing the fluid level inside the tank. 
  • Fluid Tank: A large container that contains a desired amount of fluid.
  • Controller: It helps in controlling the liquid level. 
  • Pump: The pump draws water from the water source and transfers it to the tank. The controller usually actuates the pump.

Working of the Liquid Level Controller Explained

These devices feature float or a displacer that is connected to the controller, which senses the level of fluid. This displacer is usually set in the process fluid, where it lies within the separator. The displacer will attain the highest set point when the liquid level increases. A pneumatic or an electric signal is sent to the dump valve, which will open as per the signal. 

The displacer will attain the low set point when the liquid level decreases. The level controller removes the signal to the valve and switches it to the vent. If this happens, the gas inside the valve actor is released through the level controller, and the dump valve closes till it receives the high-level signal.

How to Choose the Right Liquid Level Controller for Your Applications?

We offer various types of liquid level controllers, which may make their selection difficult. Our experts will help you with the right selection. However, the following pointers will be helpful, too.

  • Check for the controller configuration that will work best for your application.
  • Understand the differences and strengths of throttle pilot or snap pilot before choosing the right one for your application. 
  • Focus on the mounting configuration, float size, straight and hang down configuration, and float material.
  • Check if your application requires a pilot, which bleeds out the pilot gas.
  • Identify if the reverse acting level controller is required. 
  • Address your application requirements to find the pressure rating and connection size.

Cannon Water Technology is a one-stop solution for all your water, wastewater, or any fluid treatment needs. Our journey to become the top water treatment specialist in the country was not easy. However, a sharp focus on changing industry trends, attention to client requirements, and understanding of quality products has helped us become a favored choice for all water treatment needs. If you have any questions regarding our liquid level sensors or the buying process, then please feel free to reach out to us. Our customer support team will help you throughout the process.