Lakos RPV-75-PDV 3/4" AutoPurge for SandMaster (9VDC Battery Operated)

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Lakos RPV-75-PDV 3/4" AutoPurge for SandMaster (9VDC Battery Operated)
3/4" AutoPurge for SandMaster
Easy, economical purge automation for SandMaster Separators

Featuring a straight-through flow path and a simple controller with daily purging options, the LAKOS Residential Purge Valve (RPV) for SandMaster Separators is a low-cost solution for the periodic purging needs of a LAKOS SandMaster Separator when installed in a residential water well system. The controller is battery-operated and programming the unit is very simple, requiring only two settings using the dials on the controller:

  • Purge Frequency
  • Purge Duration

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