Biocides and Dispersants

Biocides and Dispersants

Access to clean water for drinking and consumption is a basic necessity of life. The ground water in wells, rain water, and water from other resources such as rivers and lakes is not 100% pure. It is contaminated with various chemicals, bacteria, and other pollutants that get mixed with it along the way. This contaminated water cannot be directly used in cooling towers or other water applications. So, using dispersants and biocides for water treatment is crucial. Cannon Water provides various biocide water treatment solutions, cooling tower biocide chemicals, and more.

Types of Cooling Tower Biocides & Disinfectants

Cooling tower water can very well offer a conducive environment for bacteria, algae, and various other microorganisms to grow and thrive. This spoils the water in terms of quality, consistency and it develops slime, odor, and filth. To prevent this, we offer non-oxidizing biocides as well as oxidizing biocides for water treatment. Here are some biocide/dispersant for cooling towers we offer:

  • Biomass dispersants: Our BD200 cooling tower biomass dispersant solution is upper concentrated, wherein just 5 to 30 ounces can treat thousands of gallons of water. It penetrates through the cells of organisms removes them from water and pipeline surfaces. It helps reduce corrosion by forming biofilms. It prevents biomass growth which starves the microorganisms.
  • Solid chemical biocides: These microbiological control chemicals come in the form of concentrated solids and are ecofriendly. They may be non-oxidizing or oxidizing biocides for water treatment in cooling towers. They facilitate environmental hygiene and prevent bacterial and algal growth.

Applications of Cooling Water Biocides Offered by Cannon Water Technologies

The cooling water biocides and dispersants are used for:

  • Oxidizing biocides to damage the protein and enzyme activity which stops the respiration process of bacteria
  • Controlling slime and biofilm
  • Cleaning and disinfecting heat exchangers, pipelines, and so on
  • Non-oxidizing biocides as anti-foulants
  • Controlling growth of bacteria and algae
  • Disinfecting industrial process waters

We have a wonderfully experienced team who can offer you the best solutions on water treatment using biocides & dispersants. In case of any further questions regarding cooling tower biocide chemicals or anything relevant, we can answer all of that. All you need to do is reach us on phone or email.


  • What is cooling tower biocide water treatment, and why is it essential for cooling systems?

Cooling tower biocide water treatment involves the use of chemicals to control microbial growth in cooling tower systems. It is essential to prevent issues like biofilm formation, algae growth, and microbiologically induced corrosion.

  • How to determine the best biocide for water cooling?

Determining the best biocide for water cooling depends on factors like system requirements and water conditions. Biocides for water cooling prevent microbial growth, such as bacteria and algae, ensuring system efficiency and longevity.

  • How does a non oxidizing biocide non oxidizing biocide for cooling tower works?

Non oxidizing biocides for cooling tower disrupt the cellular structure of microorganisms, preventing their growth and proliferation in the cooling water. They are effective against a broad spectrum of microbes without relying on oxygen-related reactions.

  • What is oxidizing biocides in cooling tower used for?

Oxidizing biocides for cooling towers are used to control and inhibit microbial growth in the water circulating within the cooling tower system. These biocides are effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including bacteria, algae, and fungi. The term "oxidizing" is used because these biocides typically work by oxidizing and disrupting the cellular structures of the microorganisms.